subota, 5. ožujka 2011.

Latest obsession: Floral clothes

When I see flowers (doesn't matter where or how) all I think of is SUMMER! I can not wait for summer. I will eat myself up.

Dresses, bikini's, flip-flops and all other cute girly stuff...♥ 

Please, summer, hurry up!

utorak, 11. siječnja 2011.

1.1.'11.'s obsession♥

Oh boy.   I ♥ LEOPARD PRINTS ;]

Why does everyone like leopard prints on clothes?
-In the 40's and 50's people were wearing those clothes
like catlike, it's also called sexy, hot and seductive.

I love those leopard prints, they look amazing! What do you think?

ponedjeljak, 10. siječnja 2011.

This week's obsession


I was thinking about coloring my hair in those typed of blue color, but now I don't know.. I like my blonde hair :] I think I'm just going to do some blue strands in my hair at the bottom . That will look like the picture one and/or five. :]

Any opinions?